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In Development: A web series based on The Shenanigans Series™ of books.

I deliberately wrote the Shenanigans Series™ of chapter books with the vision of encouraging understanding of those who look different than what we’re used to, (by any stretch or measurement). The Shenanigans web series has been created to do those same things with hopes of reaching an even larger audience. My goal has always been to ignite curiosity about people, and this world that we share. However, the main focus of the web series is to shift the way youth respond to difference.

Having a father who stutters, a cousin who’s hearing impaired, neighbors who were albino, autistic and/or who lived with dwarfism, parents who were foster parents, it goes on and on… and as a result I’ve witnessed and embraced the beauty of inclusion in a way that is not currently being explored on television or in film. My goal is to make available televised content that siblings with differences can enjoy together. The web series has been intentionally designed to embrace differences within our American culture.

Sadly, today’s social climate does not seemingly value diversity. It’s critical that children of all colors and with differences (in all capacities) not only find positive role models on television and such, but it’s even more important that they see themselves represented in the mainstream stories, that they enjoy and can relate to.

Although the premise of the show is funny, it’s also grounded in moral lessons. Foster and Marie make mistakes, big mistakes, lots of mistakes, which is engaging to viewers, but they’re also guided by committed and responsible adults who make sure children are culpable for their actions.

In a nut shell, Shenanigans, celebrates the perfect imperfections of children.

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