I just wanted to send you a quick update about the books. The children love them! There are now several students in other grades who have taken a special interest in them as well. Please let me know when your latest addition come out, I would love to purchase a few more for my class. Thanks once again for the set that I received.

Latesha Blue3rd Grade Educator, Marley Elementary

The stories bring humor while instilling sound discipline and guidance for children.

Ola D.Accountant, Shell Petroleum

The books are funny and teach a moral lesson? Truly, a must in the class room.

Dr. Desiree. S. PhD Ed/Professor

Wonderful reading for all ages.

Gus F.Homemaker

I’ve read all of your books. In Marie Plays Homeless: The characters seem so real. In Foster, The Mummy: I liked when Foster auditioned for the school play. In What’s the Matter, Mr. Ticklebritches: The story made me laugh. I can’t wait for your next book!

Kyle F. 10yrs old

I like the spelling list. It’s fun learning new words.

J.R. 9yrs old

Has your child read one of the books in the series?

Maybe you read the book to your class. Let us know what they thought.